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When an immigration petition or application is denied or revoked by USCIS, that decision may, in most cases, be appealed to a higher authority for review to the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) within USCIS. If a petition or application is denied or revoked, it should be carefully reviewed. The denial notice will inform you of the reasons for the decision, notify you of the proper appellate jurisdiction, the applicable deadlines, and provide you with the correct USCIS form for filing an appeal.


The Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA or Board) is the highest administrative body for interpreting and applying immigration laws. Pursuant to the regulations, a single BIA Judge may summarily affirm any decision made by an Immigration Judge if the result was correct, any errors were harmless or immaterial, and either the issues in the case are controlled by precedent or the factual or legal issues are so insubstantial to not warrant a three-member panel review. The Board is located at EOIR headquarters in Falls Church, Virginia. Generally, the Board does not conduct courtroom proceedings. On very rare occasions, however, the Board does hear oral arguments of appealed cases.

The Board has been given nationwide jurisdiction to hear appeals from certain decisions rendered by Immigration Judges and by District Directors of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in a wide variety of proceedings in which the Government of the United States is one party and the other party is an alien, a citizen, or a business firm. It is important to note that cases on appeal are decided solely on the bases of the record in case.

If an Immigration Judge has issued an adverse decision in your case, you have a right to appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals. The Arias Law Group, P.A. will handle your appeal professionally and comprehensively. We will pursue all available arguments and preserve the record for further appeals if necessary. Contact us today.