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The Arias Law Group, P.A. handles all types of accident claims resulting in injury. The following is an example of the types of cases we handle. Please contact us regarding your specific accident, for a Free accident consultation.


Car accidents occur on a large scale every day. The impact a car accident can have on someone can be tremendous. Even in simple fender bender car accidents an individual involved can suffer back and neck injuries that have a lasting adverse effect. It is advised to contact both a car accident attorney and a physician following a car accident. Injuries sustained from a car accident, no matter how minor, can later end up causing aggravated pain and medical costs. After a car accident, gather all necessary information involving all car accident drivers and passengers and refrain from making any type of statement or signing any papers without first consulting with a car accident attorney. Anything said at the time of the car accident can be used against you and disqualify potential car accident compensation. Make sure you understand your car accident legal rights and options. Car accident attorneys understand the complexities that car accidents entail, including both legal and insurance matters. Determining who is at fault for a car accident can be difficult due to the many factors a car accident can involve. A car accident attorney has resources to quickly and effectively determine who the liable parties are. Even if someone involved in a car accident thinks that they are partly at fault for the car accident, they may still be able to collect damages. Contact The Arias Law Group, P.A. today for a free consultation.


Accidents and injuries can have serious consequences and can sometimes lead to death. When an injury that leads to death is caused by someone’s carelessness, recklessness, or negligence, that person may bear legal responsibility for what happened. If you have lost a loved one because of another person’s mistake or wrongful action, you may be able to bring their case to court in their place. You may need compensation to help cover medical bills, lost income, and funeral expenses. In addition, the court may award you with compensation for your loved one’s pain and suffering and for your family’s mental anguish and loss of companionship. You don’t have to go through these difficult times alone or without support. The law is here to help you and your family, and so is The Arias Law Group, P.A.


Companies and municipalities are responsible for the maintenance of their streets and sidewalks. This means that they have to clean the sidewalk when it snows, after a hurricane, when construction is in progress etc. They have to make sure the sidewalks are safe and they have to ensure that you, the pedestrian, can safely walk their property. There is no way to ensure that the streets are safe and the supermarket aisles are clean except the risk of a lawsuit. This encourages shop owners, property owners and town supervisors to make sure the places you walk everyday are safe. Slip and fall incidents cause 15% of all accidental deaths and are second only to motor vehicle accidents as a cause of accidental deaths. Fall victims can miss work and sustain permanent injuries. In the event of a serious injury, you may be entitled to compensation for the pain, suffering and lost work.